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“Good News! Pay attention all the Phone and Electronic Items Resellers and Repair Shop Owners!”  is an India’s Leading Web Design and Development Company has launched the new buyback software which is helpful for all Phone reseller and repair shop owners where they get the ultimate automated online system that allows any visitors to sell old phones, tablets, and other electronic items. This Buyback software also has the functionality of getting device repair with cost estimation.

Buyback software is an automated online system where all the customers can sell their used electronic devices according to the condition.

Features of this Buyback Script Software:

  1. Choose the device like phone, tablet, and other electronic items
  2. Choose the Condition of the device
  3. Choose the network. i.e.; most popular like unlocked, Vodafone, Airtel etc.
  4. Choose the Color of Device like black, white
  5. Choose the Accessories like charger, headset etc
  6. Choose the miscellaneous like Mobile under Warranty etc.
  7. Choose any one payment method like cheque, PayPal, direct bank transfer etc.
  8. Choose the Quantity.
  9. Ability to track order
  10. Obtain Instant Price Quote

How is Buyback System useful to your business?

  1. You obtain a robust, tested, custom buyback system, secured that automatically calculates & offers a buyback prices on your set conditions for all the used phones and tablets you’re eager to pay money for.
  2. It also determines your own buyback prices and only pays your customers after you receive and check out the devices they’re selling!
  3. It allows Requesting Free Sales Pack OR Printing Your Own Sales Pack

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