Top 7 Reasons Why Choose Magento for Ecommerce Development!

Post Date: April 17, 2018

7 reasons why choose magento for ecommerce

Nowadays, E-commerce is a fast-paced industry, which is continually updating and changing. Because of this, it is significant that businesses can familiarize yourself and change to the environment easily, that’s why every business choose Magento as a great choice for their business.

WordPress has been considering as the most popular CMS used for the e-commerce industry. Magento has been appreciated as one of the most effective CMS for online stores. WordPress is surely good platform for building a website, yet, if you have an e-commerce site, then Magento is the great choice to explore your traditional store to online store to expand your business.

Thousands of medium-sized e-commerce websites across the globe are developed on Magento; it manages almost entire e-commerce industry over the web.

You may be thinking why Magento is the best e-commerce solution for your business. In short, Magento is adaptable, secure, affordable and easy-to-use platform. If you still have some doubts about choosing Magento Development for e-commerce.

Well, Here are the 7 Reasons Why Choose Magento For E-Commerce:

  1. Open Source Platform: Everyone is not aware of what is open source or why is it important for web development.  With open source, your e-commerce store can be maintained, managed, evolved and enhanced by the developers. You can focus on building a site that appeals to your target audience. You can easily install the platform for free on your web server and you can implement advanced Magento features available at the store within budget with the help of expert Magento developers. You can get an expert advice from them and they will help you to install Magento extensions that include new functionalities into your e-commerce site with Magento code.
  2.  Extensive range of features available: In contrast to other e-commerce platforms, Magento offers a wide range of features. These standard features make it simple with helpful tools like Google Content APIs and other tools. Let us study some of the useful features as below:
    • Website Management
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Marketing and Business ROI (Conversion)
    • Product Catalog Management
    • Payment and Shipping
    • Order Management
    • Customer Service
  3. SEO Friendly and Marketing Options: WordPress is not only SEO-Friendly Platform for e-commerce. While, Magento is also an SEO Friendly platform in today’s marketing that comes up with a bundle of SEO Features including SEO Friendly URLs, sitemaps, Clean navigation URLs, URL rewriting and redirection, meta tags, and description optimization, categories, and subcategories etc.
  4. Payment Integration: Everyone knows and appreciate the payment system offered by Magento-built websites. It allows payment checkout process like guest checkout or shipping to other addresses by one-click pay option. To make the payment process safer and easier, Magento has associated with and PayPal payment integration.
  5. High Secured Platform: Magento holds a security center to sort out the minor malfunction (hiccups) on your website. You can ask Magento team for any assistance. Moreover, all the Magento-built websites are PCI compliant, which means that all customer information such as personal or credit information is detained within a secure environment.
  6. Multiple E-store Facility: Since Magento is one backend CMS, it allows the business owners to create multiple E-stores for their online business. You can fully manage all of your stock, billing reports, customer records & more with one single control panel.
  7. High Performance and Fast Loading: Page speed is very effective sign to measure the performance of an e-commerce platform. High-end catching techniques of Magento like Varnish cache and other Database optimization methods give the business owners no scope of making complaints.

 An Ultimate Conclusion:

Magento is certainly the best e-commerce platform for developing excellent and efficient online stores as it is full of customizing e-commerce solutions. When you develop your e-Store with Magento, you will observe an increase in conversion rates, better customer service and key thing is trust of your customers.

In Order to get the best possible benefits of Magento, you should consider customized e-commerce solutions. Every business is different, therefore, it is very important to develop a 100% innovative system that suits the nature and purpose of your business, and there is no better alternative than Magento for an online store.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding to choose Magento for e-commerce development for your business or if you are a business owner that wants to build your own online store, then you can feel free to contact us today or Call us at +91-942-831-5661.

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