Best Bulk SMS Software

Post Date: December 19, 2019

Best Bulk SMS Software

Targeting small and medium-size shops, we build custom Bulk SMS Software, its best as it’s easy to set up and equally easy to use. Nowadays the most essential strategy to target the bulk customers with a single click and send instant or schedule them text messages to promote your various business needs. Our Bulk SMS Software allows you to send thousands of messages in a single click and you can send instant or schedule it. It gives a status of the message if delivered or failed to track better. Its complete software for bulk texting/SMS purpose to follow up with your audience customers.

Why is the best Bulk SMS Software?

  • Speed and Flexibility – Flexibility and adaptability are the keys to reacting to the ever-changing market conditions.
  • Personalization – SMS Messages can be personalized to the recipient and delivered to their pockets within seconds.
  • Multiple Gateway Connectivity – We provide connectivity with multiple SMS Gateways which ensures delivery of a message from different operators across the country.
  • Unlimited Sender IDs – You can register any number of unique Sender IDs which correspond to your Company or Brand Names.
  • Instant Message Delivery – It is fast and convenient than any mobile phone.
  • Export Excel History – In Bulk SMS Software we can download the excel sheet, CSV sheet, Xls sheet. We can download the file which we have saved on our computer by using these features and we can send SMS easily.
  • No hidden costs – There are any hidden costs or setup charges. Our prices are inclusive of taxes Pay the per SMS cost only.
  • HTTP API – Using our HTTP APIs it’s easy to integrate Bulk SMS Features to your website or applications.
  • Message Scheduling – Scheduled SMS will get delivery at predetermined times. When you will not get the computer at that time you have to send a campaign means you can prefer for scheduling features. By using this option you can make remainder to meetings or any important appointment.
  • SMS Contacts Details – We can save the contacts in the panel itself then we can make the group also. It will give easy access to send SMS. We can send SMS to a number of groups within a second.
  • We can send the SMS to 1000 people by clicking the mouse once so there would not find any difficulties to send SMS.
  • Bulk SMS delivers fast and promptly at anytime and anywhere to different telecommunication operator networks using the same charge rate without the barrier of location.

If you want to get your business with the Bulk SMS Software, then you can use the below contact information to Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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