Twilio/Plivo Bulk SMS API Software

IndiaPHPExpert created custom SMS marketing CRM software solutions using the most popular Twilio/Plivo SMS API. It uses Twilio/Plivo SMS gateways for sending and receiving SMS. IndiaPHPExpert creates Twilio/Plivo API integration seamlessly. You just need to account on Twilio/Plivo platforms and purchase the number to send SMS, and you are done to use our custom bulk SMS CRM made by IndiaPHPExpert.

If you are shop owners and you need to send your customers various kinds of SMS or bulk SMS our CRM is a perfect choice for you.

Below are the Key functionalities you will get in our Twilio/Plivo base CRM

Multiple Users:

  • You can create various users like shop members, shop staff, etc.
  • You can create members if you want to start reselling, your members will able to access dashboard based on permission and packages he subscribed, Manage shop members, manage customer by groups
  • You can create groups and arrange/move customers into groups and assign groups to staff.

Schedule SMS

Schedule your SMS and send it later. You can also choose to save the recipient into groups for later broadcasting purposes such as new product launching or announcement with personalization.

Send SMS

Send an SMS to your customers. you can send to single contacts, multiple groups or even export from your .csv file

  • Sending single and bulk message (using excel or CSV)
  • Receive Messages.
  • Manage SMS templates
  • Manage email template
  • Add multiple Twilio/Plivo numbers
  • Keyword setup for Autoresponder.
  • Create a Group of contacts.
  • Setup multiple Twilio/Plivo numbers.

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS makes it easy for you to send SMS to your clients, customers and/or team members right from your computer. A versatile and easy to use application design is used to make bulk SMS sending to any number across the world seamless.

Client Management

Clients are the most vital people for any organization. Ultimate SMS is an application that allows you to maintain a focus on your customers in a faster, simpler way.

Two way SMS

Two way SMS is where you can both send and receive a text message to let you have a discussion with the recipient. You can send and receive a text message to your client using Ultimate SMS.

Build Your Own API

SMS API integration is the way to integrate SMS services on your panels like the website, software. Advanced APIs and callable services give you the freedom to get creative with how you use.

Clean SMS Reports

Ultimate SMS offer you a clean, minimal & eye-catching SMS history reports. You will get your SMS history like a mobile inbox.

Custom SMS Templates

Create completely secure customized SMS templates that will help you to reduce your time. Just create your template, store in the system and finally use it when it will want.

Sender ID Management

With dynamic SMS sender ID, you can show your company name as the sender of a text message, turning a simple SMS into a powerful branding tool. You can block or unblock Sender ID for a particular client.

Unlimited Reseller Panel

By using Ultimate SMS, you can create unlimited users or customers and also offer them to create their own customers. And they can also maintain their customers from there reseller panel.

Well Documented

Start building with all the information you want and get unstuck speedily with how-to guides, sample code, and extensive API documentation.

Open Codebase

Ultimate SMS has been built with developers in mind. It’s well-written and open. You can change everything with their wants.

Anti-Fraud message system

The Anti-Fraud message is a system of identification of fraud during sending Spam message, or illegal text. Admin can get an email when anyone sending Spam message, or illegal text and manage this using the fully automated system.

User-Friendly Appearance

Ultimate SMS is easy to customize & anyone can change anything easily. If you need you can make it your own without any breeze.

Custom permissions

Create unlimited roles and set different permissions with the roles. Assign the roles to the Admin user

Unlimited Role Management

Role management helps you manage authorization, which enables you to specify the resources that users in your application are allowed to access. Role management lets you treat groups of users as a unit by assigning users to roles such as manager, sales, member, and so on.

Twilio and Plivo SMS Gateway Integration

Bulk SMS Sender integrates with Twilio and Plivo SMS sending gateways to deliver SMS campaigns. When you click on ‘send SMS’, a request is forwarded to Twilio or Plivo immediately to send the message to the given subscriber number. You can send and receive messages from any number across the globe via Twilio or Plivo.

Admin Panel

Twilio/Plivo Bulk SMS CRM Software Script Admin Demo Video

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