Buyback Website Template

We have different Buyback Website Template Available for Modern Device Buyback companies and for Cell phone Repair Shops

Buyback Website Template is helpful for all Phone reseller and repair device shop owners who are in device buyback and device trade-in business. Buyback shop users and owner get unqiue automated online system that allows customer to sell old iPhones, tablets, and other electronic items for instant cash price. we have wide range of custom buyback website theme, one can choose and ask our expert team for further customization to meet customers exact need.

This will help to create an incredible buyback mobile store website or any kind of gadget and electronic buyback system.

Additional Features of Buyback Website Template 

  • A modern, attractive website, using the latest technologies and standards; all websites are responsive for viewing on any device, e.g. desktop computer, laptop, i-Pad, tablet, smartphone
  • Branding, colour schemes etc according to type of site.
  • An easy to maintain website; very little technical knowledge required, though the advanced user can really go to town!
  • Create an unlimited number of category, brands , device type for models
  • Order management, customer managemement, counter offer, order tracking api, shipping label api
  • Super easy pricing mechanism, easy to edit, update, import, export
  • Import and export of models
  • Create an unlimited number of cms pages
  • Blog Section
  • Bulk buyback system
  • Contact Form
  • Fully backend setting for Custom Logo & Favicon, color scheme, and other almost all setting.
  • Responsive Layout
  • Powerful typography with wide variations of design elements like call to action buttons

If you want to get your business with Buyback Website Template, then you can use the below contact information to Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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