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“Good News! Pay attention all the Phone and Electronic Items Resellers and Repair Shop Owners!”

Get this New & Modern Device Buyback System for your online business & Get Used electronic devices like iPhone, Tablets & Other Electronic devices at best affordable price than Your Competitors! is India’s Leading Web Design and Development Company has launched the new buyback software which is helpful for all Phone resellers and repair shop owners where they get the ultimate automated online system that allows any visitors to sell old iPhones, tablets, and other electronic items. This Trade-In Buyback software also has the functionality of getting device repair with cost estimation.

Cell Phone Buyback software is an automated online system where customers can sell their used electronic devices according to their condition.

Features of this Device Buyback Script System Software:

For Shop owner:

  1. FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE It’s pure core PHP programming language, MVC Code pattern so any aspect of the script can be modified easily to suit your custom needs.
  2. CUSTOM DESIGN Clean Handwritten code, mobile-first, responsive and we offer custom-built in design to have a uniquely designed website.
  3. CLEAN CODE Easy to understand, well-documented PHP code with minimal dependencies. Meaning it can be edited and customized easily by any decent coder.
  4. UI ELEMENTS The Frontend User Interface allows for optimal usability by your website visitors. And the backend UI is also extremely easy to use.
  5. FULLY RESPONSIVE DESIGN The software is built on Bootstrap; the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework. It’s designed to detect the visitor’s device and screen size and change the website layout accordingly. Your website will display properly on desktops, tablets, or mobile devices.
  6. POWERFUL ADMIN PANEL The script includes a powerful admin panel for shop owners to manage customers, orders, email templates, export orders, SMS and email Notification on order status, invoices, shipping label API, etc
  7. 24/7 SUPPORT We provide full-time support and further maintenance for your store
  8. DEVICE MANAGEMENT Easy for the admin to create categories, device, and item with easy pricing mechanism.
  9. Buyback Widget: A buyback widget is an interface element that can be embedded in external websites, allowing users to quickly and easily engage with your buyback service without leaving the website they are currently on. This widget typically provides a simplified version of the buyback process and can be a powerful way to expand your service’s reach.
  10. SAFE Pay Customers when you receive customer items
  11. Possibility to import/export products
  12. Bulk Edit/Update Price

For Customers:

  1. Using our complete and automated custom-made Buyback Software script you can buy any electronics used items from your customers.
  2. This software allows your Customers to trade in and sell any kind of Used Items
  3. Give it pricing based on the conditions you set.
  4. Simple checkout form for users with the ability to choose how payment they want to receive.
  5. Automatic creation of shipping Label Generation using API Like Easy post
  6. Obtain Instant Price Quote
  7. Ability to track order, profile and order history, user dashboard
  8. SMS and Email Order Status Notification

How is the Device Buyback System useful to your business?

  1. You obtain a robust, tested, custom Device buyback script, secured that automatically calculates & offers buyback prices on your set conditions for all the used iPhones and tablets you’re eager to pay money for.
  2. It also determines your own buyback prices and only pays your customers after you receive and check out the devices they’re selling!
  3. It allows Requesting a Free Sales Pack OR Printing Your Own Sales Pack

Click here to Cell phone Buyback Website Demo, Macbook Buyback Website Demo, and Buyback Website Template, of the Buyback Script

Buyback Device FAQ

 Buyback software allows the customer to choose the product they want to trade in. they need to select the model, condition, accessories, network of their device and choose the payment option and quantity. Once the customer completes the buyback process. The Administrator can confirm the details and pay for the device.  You can see the demo here

Any customer can view the current status in My Account. Once the Phone shop owner changes the status in the admin panel it gets updated in the customer’s account on the front end. Additionally, the admin assigns an order number and order status for each buyback item to the customer.

The seller is able to opt the device condition like broken, flawless, or good) to increase/decrease the base price. These conditions and their pricing are set in the admin panel.

Yes, you can add any type of device such as iPhone, tablets, and smartphones,  LCD, Monitors, TV & more. it works well with any kind of electronic device. In the Admin panel, We have the functionality of adding any kind of fields while creating models.

Currently, we have no mobile app version of this buyback software. But if you need to build your own buyback mobile application, then we can build for you as per your business need.

No, there are no monthly or hidden fees; it’s just a one-time investment as per your business needs. We also even install it on your own server at no extra cost.

The “actual” cost to build a buyback website must vary depending on how much work you want to be done as per the Business requirement. Mostly, Website Development includes such as designing a logo, creating a fixed navigation bar, changing the overall layout design, etc. Many Website development companies offer Custom buyback Website Design cost which varies as per your exact need. If you are looking for building your buyback website and want to get a better idea of the cost, give us a quick phone call. Our expert Website Developer will ask you a few questions about the nature of the site and get you a quote instantly.

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