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A Complete TV Repair Software Solutions Available For All TV Repair Businesses!tv repair software solutions has launched new “TV Repair shop Software” which is online software that can assist all TV repair shop owners to configure and manage their repair shop, works logs, staff, customers, invoices, repair requests (tickets). It is a one-stop solution that is specially designed especially for TV Repair Store who is offering repair of LCD, LED, and other devices. This Software is incredibly easy to use and filled with lots of necessary features. As a TV Repair Store Owner, By Using this Repair Tracking Software, you can easily create, manage and track customer-based service tickets as well as you can also create various brands, models, groups, custom fields regarding TV, and more.

This Software provides all kinds of solutions for the TV Repair Business which continued to evolve, and we frequently refine and made a great error-free TV Repair Shop Management software that makes it easy to manage your TV Repair Business.

Here is a list of Salient Features Used in TV Repair Shop Software:

  • Customer and work log Management
  • Complete TV Repair History
  • Price Estimation and Quotes for all repair customers.
  • Helps to manage your cash and other payment history and any differences at the end of the day
  • Track your TV repair shop by the customer, salespersons, product, category and more.
  • Get clear and accurate reports of what your repair technicians have worked on and their current repair task activities.
  • Text Messaging and Email Notification
  • Customer Testimonial and Review Management
  • Create various email templates
  • Create promo codes for customers to provide a discount on repairing.

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TV Repair Script Software FAQ:

There are many ways that help your TV Repair Business. It improves customer service, keep your repair history, and manage warranty work. You can check more features listed here.

Yes, You can create a number of custom fields with your own control, plus you can adjust which fields are needed or optional, and you can also define custom labels for each fields.

There is no limit and no additional fees for large customer lists.

No limits in creating log-ins. You can create as many “administrator” and/or “technician” log-ins as per your requirements.

Each time a technician updates a repair ticket via admin interface, your customers automatically receive customized Text and/or Email messages reflecting the progress of the repair work

Presently, we have no mobile app version of this repair shop software. But if you need to build your own repair mobile application for both (User/Admin), then we can help you build as per your business requirements.

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